How you can keep yourself and others safe

To keep the Club as safe and clean as possible, we need your help too. We ask that you follow a few simple rules when you visit the club.

Before coming to the club

Stay home if you’re unwell. Please don’t come to the club if you feel sick or have COVID-19 symptoms.

Bring your own. Bring a full water bottle as the water fountains may not be in use. If you’re doing yoga, bring your own mat if you have one. Only bring a towel if you’re showering and don’t bring a sweat towel.

Arrive ready to work out. Please arrive wearing a face mask before you enter the club and come in your workout gear to avoiding using the changing rooms. We advise against wearing face masks in the gym as these can hinder your breathing while exercising, and gloves aren’t recommended as they can’t easily be cleaned – please use the hand sanitiser provided instead.

Travel light. We won’t have as many lockers available as usual, so please think about how much you’re bringing with you.

Pre-book your swim. In addition to booking exercise classes, you’ll also need to book your swimming session & gym session in advance. You can do this using the booking link on the website leisure main page.

Bring your bank card. As we can’t accept cash if you want to buy anything.

While you’re at the club

Be prepared to have your temperature taken. On arrival, please wear a face mask when you arrive and we’ll check your temperature with a forehead thermometer. Anyone with a high temperature won’t be able to use the club. You do not need to wear a mask inside the club changing rooms or the gym.

Use hand sanitising stations. You’ll find these before you reach reception and throughout the gym. Make sure you follow proper handwashing if you use the changing rooms.

Check-in at reception if you’re doing a class. Try to arrive no more than 5 minutes early and follow the social distancing rules while you’re waiting for the class. When it’s over, please leave the studio as quickly as possible.

Follow the social distancing signs. Try to stay at least 2 metres from others as much as possible.

Clean your equipment and mats. You can do this before and after use with the sanitiser sprays around the gym.

Keep to a 45 minute workout max. This is so that other members can use the pool or gym.

Only shower if you’re swimming. We’re limiting showers and changing rooms to our pool users, so please shower at home otherwise.

If you’re not ready to come back just yet

Whenever you’re ready, we’ll be there to make your return as straightforward as possible. In the meantime, you have some options.

Freeze membership. Not ready to restart your membership? Not a problem. To freeze your membership, simply email us on If you have any other questions about your membership, read our FAQs below.

Frequently asked questions

We’ve answered your questions below, but if you have any further queries, please contact us.

Is it safe to go back to the club?

Yes, we’re confident in our ability to minimise the risk of infection and keep our members safe.

We’ll be implementing enhanced cleaning procedures and adopting social distancing measures to create a safe environment for you to visit.

We’ll be temperature checking everyone on arrival and if you have a high temperature you won’t be able to enter. We are also asking members and staff not to visit the club if they feel unwell or have COVID-19 symptoms, and there will be clear signage to reflect this.

What social distancing measures have you put in place?

  • Social distancing signage: This includes floor markers indicating 2m spacing.
  • Limits on numbers: To avoid overcrowding, we will limit how many people are allowed in the club at once. It’s important that you swipe in at reception, so we can keep track of numbers.
  • Swim & Gym session booking: In addition to class booking, we’ll be taking booking for swim & gym sessions to limit the number of members using the club.
  • Smaller classes: Capacity will be reduced for group exercise classes to allow for the 2-metre social distancing rule. When you’re waiting for your class, please follow social distancing rules and clear the studio space as quickly as you can when the class has finished
  • Shorter classes: Classes will be between 30 and 45 minutes, to allow time for cleaning and to allow members to leave the studio safely
  • Less equipment: Some equipment on the gym floor will be unavailable to allow for social distancing
  • Fewer lockers: To avoid having too many people in the changing rooms, there won’t be as many lockers available as usual.

How do I make a class, gym or swim booking?

Please use the booking buttons on the website to book your class, swimming or gym session.

We have a joint or family membership. Do we have to reserve more than 1 slot for all of us, and if we come regularly, can we reserve that slot each week, and how far in advance we we reserve the sessions?

Each person on the membership needs a slot reserved for each session with the system allowing 5 people only per slot before it automatically closes the time slot down. If you wanted to book for a particular time each week, then you have to reserve that slot every time for each date as you cannot copy slots over unfortunately. Bookings can be made for 4-8 weeks in advance currently.

Are all facilities open?

Sorry, government restrictions only allow the swimming pool, jacuzzi and gym to open currently plus some Spa treatments. The sauna and steam room will reopen when government restrictions allow.

What should I bring?

  • Workout gear: Please arrive ready to work out to avoid using the changing room
  • Minimal belongings: All you need is your membership card and bank card if you want to make a purchase – we won’t be accepting cash
  • Full water bottle: Water fountains may be unavailable for hygiene reasons.
  • Yoga mat: If you’ve booked a yoga class we ask that you bring your own mat
  • Towel: If you’re using the pool, please bring your own towel. Please don’t bring a sweat towel (as per UK Active guidelines).

When will my membership restart?

Your membership will restart as soon as we reopen and you can start using the club again from that date.

If I pay by Direct Debit, when will this be taken?

For members of our club, if you pay by Direct Debit your membership payments will restart from 1st of the month with the first debit being made around 6th of that month and then monthly as before.

I am a pre-paid member, will my membership be extended?

Yes, we’ll be extending your membership by the length of time that the club was closed.

I’ve cancelled my Direct Debit but would like to restart it, how do I do this?

Please contact the club staff and we will be providing a form for you to restart your membership.

I am over 70, can I still come?

If you are not shielding at home, you are more than welcome to visit the club. Alternatively, you may wish to extend your membership suspension by emailing us on

I have an underlying health issue and I’m not ready to come back, what are my options?

If you are unable to return to the club, you may wish to extend your membership suspension by emailing us on

What do I do if another member breaches the guidelines?

Please inform a member of staff.

Are your opening hours changing?

Yes, while we gradually reopen the club, our hours will reduce to 7am to 6pm Mon-Fri and 9am to 6pm Sat-Sun initially. We will extend hours as demand changes and especially once the sauna, steam room and jacuzzi are allowed to reopen too.

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