Updated Terms & Conditions

  1.  The Hotel requires a payment or deposit to be paid for bookings to be confirmed. All deposits and subsequent payments are non-refundable and non- transferable. Once the deposit has been paid, our terms and conditions below are deemed to have been accepted, whether a signed copy is returned by both parties or not.
    To assist in couples financial planning for their Wedding, Haughton Hall Hotel is happy to offer a new payment plan style option to spread the costs into monthly payments from the booking date up to a short period before the wedding date as follows:
    e.g. If the wedding cost is £5,250 in total and booked 12 months prior to the date, then we would take the first payment by credit/debit card, followed one month later by a direct debit only payment, with a fixed £500 a month for 9 months with the final balancing payment due 1 month prior with final numbers. Should any direct debit payments be declined for any reason, a further £25 administration charge would be made and payments would revert back to the standard payment conditions below.
    If this option is not required, the standard deposit condition will be £500 for the Friday Night Package, £750 for Manor Suite Weddings and £1,250 for Marquee Weddings – both due no later than 14 days after provisionally holding a date.
    Further payments will be due:
    18 months prior – An additional payment to bring the total payment to 30% of the balance,
    12 months prior – An additional payment to bring the total payment to 50% of the balance,
    6 months prior a further payment to bring the total payment to 75% of the balance due, and
    3 months prior – the balance to bring total payments to 90% of that due.
    Final numbers and remaining balance are due 1 month prior to event.
    If any payments are missed after the first reminder, then a £25 administration charge will be added each time to the balance due.
  2. All package rates and charges must be agreed prior to paying the deposit and both parties must sign the terms and conditions as liability for the balance rests with both parties equally. Therefore if payments are missed, both parties are jointly liable for additional costs and future payments. Rates are non-negotiable after this point and Wedding Packages cannot be altered to subsequent packages without additional fees. No changes of numbers attending are allowed once the final payment has been made and any over payments made cannot be offset against other services.
  3. All rates quoted include the current rate of VAT, rates are subject to change accordingly.
  4. Any additional charges on the day must be settled prior to checking out of the Hotel, unless otherwise agreed with the Hotel Manager in advance.
  5. In the event of cancellation of any confirmed booking or non-arrival by the customer, the customer shall pay to the Hotel a cancellation or non-arrival fee. However, the Hotel shall do its utmost to re-let the space, but if having used their best endeavours, the Hotel is unable to do so, the following cancellation charges will apply:
    a. Prior to 12 months
    – loss of all non-refundable deposits
    b. 7-12 months
    – 50% of the expected total revenue
    c. 4-6 months
    – 75% of the expected total revenue
    d. 1-3 months
    – 90% of the expected total revenue
    e. 1 month or less
    – 100% of the expected total revenue
    Please note that once a booking is confirmed, changes of date are not permitted and would be subject to the cancellation policy, and would be subject to the cancellation policy unless agreed in writing by the hotel and subject to an amendment or admin fee, where package prices would also change to reflect the year the wedding actually takes place in and based on the original number of guests attending.
  6. In the event of cancellation, Haughton Hall Hotel will not enter into dispute with regards to the persons liable for the cancellation fee. In the event of a dispute between either name on the contract, Haughton Hall Hotel will deal with the person notifying of the cancellation. Either person will be liable for the FULL amount and we do not look to recover 50% from each party. Should the parties not settle the outstanding amount within the requested time frame, the case will be passed to solicitors to recover and all costs incurred will be also claimed for from the names on the contract.
  7. The Hotel recommend that couples obtain cancellation insurance prior to booking the Wedding to protect themselves against accidents, ill health and other unforeseen circumstances including the failure of suppliers or couples breaking up. Details of links for sample policies for insurance providers can be found on our website, although Haughton Hall Hotel do not recommend any particular provider.
    Hotel bedrooms:
    a. Unsold bedrooms will be released six weeks prior to event without notice.
    b. Reservation lists must be provided no later than six weeks prior to the event.
    c. All bookings must be guaranteed with a credit card.
    d. Discounted room rate only applies to the first ten bedrooms unless otherwise agreed.
    e. Individual bedrooms can be cancelled up until 12 o’clock the day prior to arrival.
    f. Check in time is 15.00 hours or later.
    Guests arriving prior to 15.00 hours may leave luggage in reception if their room is not ready. Check out time is 11.00 hours on the morning of departure. All cancellations must be made in writing otherwise 100% charge will be made for the total business lost.
  8. The Hotel reserves the right to cancel any booking forthwith, without any liability on its part in the event of damage or destruction to the Hotel by fire or any other causes, any shortages of labour or food suppliers, pandemic or force majeure situations, strikes, walkouts or industrial unrest or any other cause beyond the control of the Hotel, which shall prevent it from performing its obligations in connection with any booking.
    8a. Should a force majeure or pandemic local or national restrictions and potential lockdown or similar situations continue into future years, wedding couples may request to change their booked date to a future one subject to the hotel availability, and will be subject to an amendment administration fee.
    8b. Rates for bedrooms, packages and prices may, at our discretion, be amended for the business year the wedding actually takes place in, particularly for weddings that have already moved dates previously, and the hotel will do its best to accommodate the new date as close to the requested date where possible, but this obviously cannot be guaranteed with existing bookings already in the diary.
    8c. The hotel would offer a date change as an option, but refunds of deposits would not be possible as all payments made are non-refundable in all situations, including but not limited to: any shortages of labour or food suppliers, pandemic or force majeure situations, strikes, walkouts or industrial unrest or any  other cause  beyond  the  control  of the Hotel, which shall prevent it from performing its obligations in connection with any booking.
    8d. Transfers of Wedding Packages to new dates would also need to be on a like for like basis, and if operating with a lower number on the new date than booked originally, and if this results in an overpayment from the original wedding schedule estimated balance, then this would be held for future use by the customer for further functions, food or accommodation credit for an extra period of 12 months and not refunded. However all previously quoted packages or item rates may be increased further if lower numbers attend the new wedding date than those previously agreed, in order to cover the package overheads spread over less guests, and this cost would be confirmed when the date change request was agreed.
    8e. Please note that individuals who may need to isolate or those that show covid-19 symptoms would not be able to attend the wedding, but would still be charged for unless notified in writing to the hotel at least 10 days prior to the event.
    8f. The hotel may also take temperatures of all guests attending events on arrival where this is practical, as well as requiring everyone to complete track and trace details to conform with government regulations and laws.
    8g. Face masks may also be required for all hotel guests to wear in all public areas apart from when at dining tables or while seated for bar service.
    8h. Please check with the hotel for the latest updated regulations nearer the time of the wedding.
  9. If the numbers of persons attending is reduced by 10% or more from the original number guaranteed, the Hotel reserves the right to change the booking to a different suite, or room (as best fits the numbers involved) and increase the rates quoted to cover for the subsequent loss in revenue.
  10. The Hotel cannot accept responsibility for the property of customers or guests left in the Hotel. We refer to the Hotel Proprietors Act 1956, of which a copy is available for inspection at the reception entrance. The Client shall be responsible for any damage caused to the Hotel or the furnishings, utensils and equipment therein by the wilful act or default of the customer or guests of the customer and shall pay to the Hotel on demand the amount required to make good or remedy such damage.
  11. The Client shall be responsible for the orderly and safe conduct of the function / stay and shall have regard to any regulations imposed by any competent authority, and shall ensure that nothing shall be done which will constitute a breach of the law or in anyway cause a nuisance or possible forfeiture of the Licenses for the sale of wine, beer, spirits or for music and dancing or other permissions attaching to the Hired Premises. In particular the Client shall ensure that there is no illegal betting or gaming. The Client shall fully indemnify the Company against any claims or loss or damage arising as a result of a breach of this clause.
  12. The Client shall not store or place in the Hotel or the other buildings on the site or in the grounds any inflammable, combustible or objectionable substances or liquids. Chinese lanterns are Prohibited. Please note this also now includes table candles and we only allow battery candles at all receptions.
  13. The affixing of signs, displays or wall decoration is prohibited.
  14. We cannot allow food or drink other than that purchased on the premises to be consumed within the Hotel by the Client or guests of the Client. However, for Asian Weddings, where the Hotel has hired out the Marquee or function Suite for an outside caterer to attend, then our hire fee often covers the corkage fee. Please ask for more details at the time of booking.
  15. Haughton Hall Hotel reserves the right to refuse the use of its name in any form of advertising or publicity.
  16. The use of confetti canons, foil confetti or other non-biodegradable confetti is forbidden inside the Hotel or in the outside grounds and car parks at Haughton Hall Hotel. Limited biodegradable confetti may be used but not where it will be unsightly for subsequent guests.
  17. Choice Menus within our packages are included in pricing, however bespoke or intimate gatherings may incur an additional charge and must be ordered in advance.
  18. Allergy information on each dish is available on request. Guests with severe nut allergies may not be able to dine at events due to the serious implications on the hotel staff if any food contains traces of nuts from our suppliers that we were unaware of. Please ask for more details from the events office.
  19. Fireworks will only be occasionally permitted and always prior to 10pm at the Hotel’s discretion via our preferred supplier.
  20. Public liability insurance is required for all external services along with Health and Safety procedures plus any other documentation required by the Law.
  21. Any external suppliers requiring power in the grounds will need to provide their own generator.
  22. The Hotel shall not be responsible for the music played by DJs and suggest customers discuss their preferred style of music prior to the day with the DJ directly.
  23. The Hotel accepts no liability for non-attendance of third party suppliers, their equipment or quality of services provided.
  24. Cakes should be delivered on the day of the function, no food storage is available.
  25. All items belonging to the bridal party must be collected within 48 hours or will be subject to a storage charge of £50 per day.
  26. The Hotel accepts no liability for any goods left on the premises before, during or after the event.
  27. Inclement weather can affect outside ceremonies and so for the avoidance of doubt, the fee for an outside wedding is not refundable if the ceremony is conducted inside due to the inclement weather or other environmental issues. The Registrar and Duty Manager are responsible for the ceremony and may decline to conduct the ceremony outside irrespective of the wishes of others including the Bride & Groom, and their decision is final.
  28. Access to the Hotel for preparation and decoration of the function room is normally available on the morning of the event. If the space is not in use on the evening prior, it may be possible to have access the night before, but this cannot be confirmed until a few days before the date as bookings change at short notice. If guaranteed access is required the night prior, then a hire charge will be made to cover our loss in revenue from such an event. Please ask for details before booking.
  29. Hotel staff can only provide limited assistance in decorating the function room which will be limited to putting name cards and favours on tables, but these must be made ready in advance and in the correct order against the seating plan. Additional room decorations prior to or during the day and evening should be carried out by friends or family of the couple and the Hotel reserve the right to charge an additional fee if Hotel staff are required to assist.
  30. The Hotel does not allow alcoholic favours on wedding tables. However, the Hotel reserves the right to charge £3 per alcoholic favour if found to have been brought into the Hotel to cover our potential loss of bar revenue (upto 50ml only).
  31. It is our intention to provide an enjoyable stay for all our guests and to allow our neighbours the peaceful enjoyment of our rural environment. We therefore expect guests to be quiet and discreet in the accommodation wing and in the outside areas of the Hotel. Noise in the function rooms and bar will be controlled to prevent disturbance and guests are expected to co-operate with this noise control. Discos, live musical entertainment and other sources of noise must be managed sensibly by the provider who must obey the instructions of the Duty Manger. Music and entertainment must cease at the time agreed. This will be 12:00 midnight unless agreed in writing by the Hotel. The windows and fire doors in function rooms are not to be used for ventilation during functions where there is musical entertainment as this compromises part of the building’s sound proofing. Guests are asked to be considerate when leaving functions and events at night avoiding noisy farewells in the car park, slamming of car doors and revving of engines.
  32. Children under the age of 16 should not run around the Hotel corridors or grounds and must be properly supervised throughout their stay at the Hotel. They  may not at any time sit at the bar and may not consume alcohol on the premises. Parents must keep a close eye on their children, and the Hotel cannot accept any responsibility.
  33. Please be aware that Haughton Hall Hotel has a fishing lake and small pond within the grounds, and that parents should not allow children near them unsupervised, in case they slip and fall into the water. Adults should also be extra careful at night as there is limited lighting around these areas.
  34. These Terms and Conditions are non-negotiable at all times and stand as a legal binding document.

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